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Surprising New Defenders of the 2nd Ammendment

If you think that defending the 2nd Ammendment is just for the NRA and the alt-right, think again.  The new gun toters are liberally minded (most don’t claim to be affiliated with either party).  And they’re forming militias.  Black women,  realizing that they never get to bring a gun to a gun fight, are now arming themselves.


Redneck Revolt


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Let me introduce you to the Redneck Revolt. Don’t let the name fool you, this is the opposite of a pickup, gun rack and confederate flag.  This armed militia group  is more interested in protecting Muslims, Jews, Black Lives Matter, and more, and less interested in voting booths or politics.  This group reminds you of the many whites who fought for freedom in this country in the armed forces but also on our own soil, in labor disputes, creation of unions, civil rights and more.  Their interest is in making sure any marginalized group is safe while they protest, or safe when people are protesting against them.  And they are recruiting.

An excerpt from their About section on their Facebook page:

“What is Redneck Revolt?

The history of the white working class is one full of resistance, collectively and individually, against the rich elite that hold power over all of our lives. From massive armed uprisings like the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921, to the resistance to coal mining in predominately white rural Appalachia today, white working people have been in conflict with those that uphold predatory economic, political, and social systems.

The history of the white working class is also one filled with collaboration with those same rich elite power holders. White working people have played the role of footsoldiers for the political and economic elite, participating in genocide, enslavement of other peoples, and overall protectors of the ruling class. White working class participation in state and paramilitary organizations and formations like the Ku Klux Klan, the Minutemen, the U.S. Armed Forces, and the Council of Conservative Citizens has undermined the struggle for freedom among all people.

It is with these conflicting histories in mind that the authors of this blog hope to incite a movement amongst white working people that works toward the total liberation of all working people, regardless of skin color, religious background, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, or any other division that bosses and politicians have used to fragment movements for social, political, and economic freedom.”

To link to their website, click the photo above.


Women Are Fighting Back.



Guess who else is exercising their 2nd Ammendment rights?  The largest group of new gun owners are women and specifically black women and women of color.  Have you heard of  The National African – American Gun Association,  NAAGA?  With race tensions always high, and with much increase since we elected our 45th president, NAAGA is seeing an uptick in membership.


Gathered from articles by The Root, Ebony and The Detroit News, women are purchasing guns and learning to shoot them.   Pew research states that in 1999 the primary reason people had guns, and mostly it was males, was for hunting.  By 2013, main reason for gun ownership was personal protection.  And of all gun owners, 78% said that having a gun in their home made them feel safer.  And the trend is continuing forward.

With attitudes changing about guns, and guns making people feel safer, is it any wonder women, and specifically women of color would take up arms?

Photo from “Not Without A Fight” Click photo to link to the story.

Increasingly violent crime is most often perpetrated agaisnt a woman.  We live in a rape culture.  Women are easy targets for theft.  And women have a hard time defending themselves from a man.  A man is usually larger, and stronger and can wield more power.  Having a gun in your hand, levels the playing field and puts a woman’s ability of self protection on more solid ground.

Every article I read, the reason for owning a gun was self preservation, self protection and protection of their loved ones / children.  Women no longer want to be a target, no longer want to feel helpless and are not taking crimes against them sitting down.  They will not go down without a fight.

For Me It’s Personal

I know.  I have been a gun violence victim. I have been a sexual assault victim.  I am a woman.  I am a gun owner.  I know I could not fight off an attack by a man.  My gun does make me feel safer.  And I am a liberal.

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