20151231_180741June 2015

Hi.  I’m Greta.  I’ve been thinking about The Inclusive Life for a few months now.   With SCOTUS decision to ensure that same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, and the recent shooting in Charleston (June 2015), I decided to make it a reality.

This website is for you.  It’s for us.  I don’t want everyone to sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya, but I want to highlight businesses, politics, and social events that are all inclusive.   I also want to shine a light on places where they aren’t.   The same day SCOTUS upheld marriage, 5 churches were burned in the southern states.   We should be talking about BOTH these things.  And we should celebrate when the inclusive life is being done right.

This site is for changing everything.  Ageism.   LGBT.  Racism.  Anti-semitism. Women’s Reproduction Rights.  Equal Pay.  Injustice.  All groups that find themselves challenged and more.

My dream is that this site will grow.  That in addition to bring both sides of the coin to light, that there will be organizations to help continue the good fight on any and every front.

To send in your stories, to recommend organizations, please, email me.   GretaWeiner@gmail.com  Be sure that you put Inclusive in the subject matter.

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